We are a Team of Biochemists who optimize medicine & supplements to increase their sales & margin

Our power is numbers

Our Clients are all over the World

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Our design & biochemistry experts will consult your company to maximise sales & efficiency of your products


With smart ingredient choices
we will increase your margin & drive up the effects of your product


With our team of designers we re-design your packaging and ingredients to maximise sales & aesthetics.

Our clients

Clients that we worked with

Our team

Nikita Udovichenko

Owner & CEO

Anatoliy Kotlyarov

Head of Law & Regulations

Viktor Udovichenko

Head of Analytics & Biochemistry


Head of Product Design


Founded by Nikita Udovichenko in 2011 we have thrived to help over a hundred Pharma Companies to optimize their products. Nikita ‘nikibrah’ Udovichenko and his team of elite biochemists and designers developed over 300 successful products for over 40 pharma and supplement companies over the years. Our two teams, combined more than 30 experts, operate from two main locations: Moscow & Beijing
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Our Mission

Nikita ‘ Nikibrah ’ Udovichenko and his team of professional product designers, inspectors and biochemists will be at your service to gain the maximum profit and reach for your supplement products. We will optimise the ingredients to increase the efficacy, tweak the product design for great marketability and approve all existing product regulations in your markets to squeeze out sales & margins.

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